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Pillars of Justice


National Law University, Delhi


The primary objective of the University is to evolve and impart comprehensive and interdisciplinary legal education that is socially relevant. Through this education, we aim to promote legal and ethical values and foster the rule of law and the objectives enshrined in the Constitution of India. Furthermore, the University works toward dissemination of legal knowledge and its role in national development, so that the ability to analyze and present contemporary issues of public concern and their legal implications for the benefit of the public is improved. These processes strive to promote legal awareness in the community and to achieve political, social and economic justice.

Many believe that the path of liberalization we embarked upon in the early 90s unleashed India’s potential. Undoubtedly the country has undergone vast changes in all spheres and we see a more confident India asserting itself on the global stage. However, this progress has come with very significant challenges to the country. India’s various social classes are yet to be assimilated; their participation in the process of governance remains fractured. Cumulative progress needs to be fair and equitable. And integral to that is a legal system that empowers the marginalized, is just and fair in letter and spirit, and most importantly, does not use the law as a tool of oppression.


Our sincere endeavor is to make legal education justice education, as an instrument of social, political and economic change. Each individual who is part of this institution must be remembered for the promotion of social justice. Our students will not only be shaped as change agents as the country achieves its social and developmental goals, but will also be equipped to address the imperatives of the new millennium and uphold the Constitution of India.

Vision of Centre for ADR

The Centre for ADR has a vision to promote the use of ADR methods among the legal and non-legal professionals, students and general public at large. The Centre envisions a society which values harmony, peaceful co-existence and diversity. The skills involved in ADR methods are not only for amicably resolving the disputes and disagreements but these are life skills which are needed for all of us. The Centre strive to contribute to the vision and mission of the National Law University Delhi of developing human beings who are technically sound, socially relevant and emotionally strong by imbibing the skills of ADR methods like active listening, understanding other’s point of view, discussions, empathy, rational thinking and community interest. The Centre wishes to bring a positive change in the view of the society regarding disputes/disagreements not as something negative but as an opportunity.


Our Objectives

To provide consultative services to people, lawyers, institutions, NGOs, Government dispute resolution mechanisms.

To raise awareness on issues pertaining to alternative methods of dispute resolution mechanisms and practice and conflict management.


To organise seminars/conferences, workshops, debates/discussions on issues pertaining to ADR mechanisms.

Publication of Journal, Magazine, newsletter etc. on ADR methods.

Designing and conducting courses – Diploma, Certificate on ADR methods like Arbitration, Mediation, Dispute Management, etc.



To stimulate academic research culture on issues relating to dispute resolution, dispute management.


To liaise with ADR professionals, lawyers, institutions, NGOs, Government on matters relating to dispute resolution.

To encourage and facilitate discussion on the issues surrounding the dynamic realm of ADR.

Activities Undertaken

Diploma Course on Law & Practice of Arbitration

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