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Submission Guidelines

The Centre for  ADR accepts submissions for the CADR Blog and Law Review from academicians, legal practitioners, research scholars and students. We welcome guest submissions on any topic under the Blog's theme.

Theme of the Blog is Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Mechanisms.

Points to Note:

  1. Co-authorship for the manuscripts is permissible. However, the number of co-authors must not exceed two.

  2. The manuscripts should be an original work of the authors. If found plagiarized, we will not be able to publish it.

  3. We accept articles in English and Hindi. 

  4. Analytical posts are preferred over descriptive ones. Posts will be considered for publication based on various factors, including relevance, quality, structure, logic and writing-style.

  5. Contributors must work with the Editors to incorporate suggested revisions and comments. However, given the large volume of submissions, the Editors are not in a position to provide feedback on each rejected submission.

  6. Cross-posting is allowed only with the permission of the Editors. Moreover, this is subject to the condition that the cross-posting prominently carries wording to the effect that the material was “first published on the CADR Blog”.


NOTE - CADR reserves the right to reject/ accept any article. Further, by sending your article to CADR, you agree that we may publish it on the CADR BLOG and LAW REVIEW. Decisions of the Editorial Board are binding and submissions may be rejected solely at the discretion of the Editorial Board.

Contribution Guidelines:

The CADR Blog invites contributions in the following categories -

  1. Articles - Between 1,500 - 2,000 words, inclusive of footnotes.

  2. Case Notes/ Legislative Comments/ Book or Article Reviews - Between 1,500 - 2,000 words, inclusive of footnotes.


Formatting Guidelines: 

  • BODY: Font – Times New Roman, Font size- 12, Line spacing- 1.5,
    Alignment- Justified, Paragraph spacing – 6 pt (before and after)

  • FOOTNOTES: Font – Times New Roman, Font size- 10, Line spacing- 1,
    Alignment- Justified, Paragraph spacing – 6 pt (before and after)


Wherever a submission refers to case law or other resources, it must provide appropriate links in the main text itself. For Indian case law, contributors may provide accessible links to the case. Factual assertions must be supported with appropriate links to sources.

OSCOLA format of footnoting should be adhered to for the purpose of citations.


General Guidelines:

  1. The manuscript should contain a title and a brief synopsis/introduction of the chosen topic.

  2. The title of the submission must not exceed 10 words.

  3. The synopsis/ introduction of the topic should not exceed 200 words.

  4. Authors must include their brief biographical information (in no more than two lines) at the top of the post below the title.

  5. Each submission must include up to three keywords relevant to the theme of the article.


Submission Process:

  1. The manuscript shall be submitted in .doc/.docx format (Microsoft Office 2007 or above).

  2. Manuscripts should be submitted electronically to with the subject-title “Submission— CADR Blog”. We shall not be accepting any blog submission made to any email id other than the aforementioned.


In case of any queries, please reach out to us at

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