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CJDR is a humble attempt on part of Centre for ADR to provide a platform for sharing up-to-date, high-quality and original research papers alongside contemporary and insightful reviews. In this Issue of the Journal, we present to you articles on various issues of contemporary relevance under the theme of ‘Latest Trends in the Field of Alternative Methods of Dispute Resolution’. We hope this Volume I Issue II of the Journal will be able to excite your mind to explore the realm of ADR further. CJDR Vol I Issue II has provided a platform to the students and practitioners to publish their research papers dealing with the contemporary issues in the field of alternative methods of dispute resolution. The Centre for ADR acknowledges the efforts and inputs of all the members of the editorial board and thanks the authors for their contributions to the Journal. 

List of Articles

       - Benaisha Hansotia and Riya Narichania

       - Ahan Mohit Gadkari

       - Avani Laad

       - Manjri Singh

       - Adya Jha & Satya Jha

       - Oshmi Jaiswal

       - Ridhima Lohia


Editor-in-chief                                             Managing Editor
Prof. (Dr.) Ruhi Paul                                   Hardik Baid

Editors                                                            Junior Editors
Anuj Dubey                                                  Anurag Singh
Livie Jain                                                      Ayush Katyayana
Aman Jha
Ishan Bhatnagar
Shubhankar Tiwari

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